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D I E   H E X E N

Composer     Musician     Sound Designer     Performance Artist


D I E  H E X E N


DIE HEXEN is an award winning composer, filmmaker, sound designer, vocalist, musician, visual and performance Artist. 

Self recorded and produced compositions combine electronic, dark ambient, modern classical, soundtrack, art-pop, world music and experimental sound techniques using analogue, midi synths, improv vocals, percussion, found sounds and field recordings.

DIE HEXEN is one of five other filmmakers from the UK to be awarded the Scottish Documentary Institute's Bridging The Gap award to make her 2nd film 'EL HOR' which was produced by BAFTA and BFI Vision Awarded producer Brian J Falconer and had it's world premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018.

DIE HEXEN won a nomination for BEST COMPOSER at Underwire Festival 2017 for debut film 'AM I DEAD', BEST SOUND DESIGNER Award for POLLEN by Helen Warner at UNDERWIRE FESTIVAL 2016, won a Royal Television Society Award 2016 for BAFTA winning OUT OF ORBIT'S #WEAREYOU Campaign and has just recently scored BFI awarded film 'STIGMA' by Helen Warner.  

"the scope of DIE HEXEN – spatially, temporally, and ideologically – is vast and fascinating, executed in a fashion that marks this enigma of performance art apart from any other musician in the country." (The Thin Air)

DIE HEXEN featured on LATE NIGHT TALES compilation curated by Ivor Award winning Composer & Producer David Holmes, 'Gloomy Sunday' which was released 21st October 2016.  DIE HEXEN has also written and scored music for award winning Director Magpie Man Theatre production 'AUTOPSY' showcased at Manchester Fringe Festival 2016 and re-scored films such as Kenneth Angers Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome to be showcased alongside debut film 'AM I DEAD' at Belfast Film Festival 2018.

" Liszt sits alongside Lynch, the triumph of the synthetic over the organic, and vice versa......  a pop-cultural melting pot where Bergman, Bowie and Grace Jones meet Scott, Besson and Hazel O'Connor. .. DIE HEXEN channels esoteric, intangible nature of sound and vision." (The Thin Air)


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To be released 17th August 2018

Pale moon turns blood red on black heavyweight Limited Edition Vinyl at BURNING WITCHES RECORDS

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